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How it benefits you

For Supplier

  1. Achieve competitive pricing:  Use SMX trading platform to take advantage of the varying demand for certain commodities in international markets, the automated system will help you to find buyer’s that are willing to trade on your terms.
  2. We will match your needs and requirements and provide feedback if necessary.
  3. Trading on the go: Suppliers can access the platform through a smartphone or computer. This allows you to trade at any time and place. 
  4. Better pricing opportunity. SMX already has a pool of suppliers/buyers/traders, this gives savvy suppliers an opportunity to leverage better pricing offer that is always available in high trading volumes. We can combine your material with others and in turn get you better pricing and/or payment terms.
  5. Competitive shipping rates
  6. Ability to sell with other suppliers locally, nationally and in international markets to achieve larger volumes if required through SMX’s advantage of co-ordination of reputable suppliers.
  7. Exposure to market trends and movements both locally and internationally.
  8. Experienced and professional advice by team of experts.
  9. Guaranteed Confidentiality of any information stored on SMX. We will not discuss pricing with competitors or share information unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Access to experienced precious metal refining team of experts.
  11. Access to verified and reputable buyers. SMX performs credibility test on buyer’s credentials before introducing them to you.
  12. All information can be uploaded on mobile app with convenience and confidentiality.
  13. Flexibility to purchase from other suppliers. You can find material quickly when running short of inventory to fulfill buyer or contract requirements.
  14. Urgent requirement section for any material that supplier would need immediately. 
  15. Suppliers have an opportunity to get rewards and a special consideration if they remain credible and consistent.

For Buyers

  1. If you are a local buyer or an international buyer this platform will save you time and money to source for material and/or check credentials and reputation of suppliers, as SMX would have done that already and products would be available for instant sale on the platform.
  2. Access to sell Information. Buyers get access to all the preexisting requirements from different suppliers from pricing, supply ability, payment terms and other special requirements. We will try and match your best fit according your needs.
  3. Local and international trading. Local/International buyers have the ability to buy material locally, nationally or internationally through the SMX network.
  4. Registered buyers have access to exclusive rates secured by SMX from suppliers. Large local/ international recycling companies have the advantage of providing best pricing / payment terms to SMX, which in turn would be passed on exclusively to its members only.
  5. Straightforward buying process. To keep the trading process smooth and in accordance with accountability, we verify suppliers and give you only the relevant information about a sale order from suppliers. You do not have to deal with the whole range of suppliers.
  6. Customer protection and support. SMX will always support its members at all times because we work for them.  We encourage fair pricing amongst all our members at all times.
  7. Buyers get news updates of the market conditions both locally and internationally, allowing them to make the best buy decisions.
  8. SMX will ensure quality and quantity delivered and inspection if required for buyer assurance and SMX will prefer buyers who regularly deal with SMX.
  9. Guaranteed trading protection. SMX would only refer the buyer to credible and reputable suppliers only both locally and globally.
  10. Instant notification of stock on mobile/email by buyer expressing interest in material specified.
  11. Urgent response section for buyer request for any material needed urgently.
  12. Buyer loyalty will be rewarded if a buyer is consistent and reliable with purchases.