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David, Citymining Pty ltd, NSW


SMX has the wow factor.  With so much stress of selling your product at top prices SMX works for you while you are busy with other things and its so easy with the mobile and web application. If you want to buy or sell you can look at the products on offer anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. A great way of doing business on the go. I can’t believe it’s free!!


Robert Baik, CM Precious, NSW


The metal recycling industry has just been UBERISED by SMX by a seamless mobile an online platform unlike no other. I have been dealing with the SMX team for over 10 years whether its catalytic converters, aluminum, copper or steel. Excellent concept and top solution provided through mobile platform for all metal recyclers. Looking forward to many more years in business


Jordan Chavoush


An excellent website, very informative. An excellent website, very informative for all metal traders.

James, Broken Car and Truck Removals, TAS


Been dealing with the team for over 5 years.  Prompt payment terms and excellent prices paid not one time but each and every time. They provided us with the best shipping solution given that Tasmanian freight is way too expensive. Real solutions provided by real experienced staff in the industry

Husein, Best Way Recycling, VIC


Competitive, reliable and always on top. Great team and top prices always as they are always looking for best offers for you to maximize profits. This makes it easy when you have too many things to manage in your business and to be abreast of market conditions .Top prices paid for complex products like scrap catalytic converters, HMS and mixed aluminum scrap. Thank you SMX

Mehdi, HS Recycling, QLD


My regular scrap engine buyer went on holidays and I had lots of stock with no competitive offer. SMX rescued me and I have been dealing them ever since on a constant and regular basis.  Top prices on scrap engines for sure. Seamless mobile and web app for any user.