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How it works

The main benefits of the SMX platform are its simplicity and convenience. Buyers and suppliers can start benefiting from the platform almost immediately. Simply:

  1. Register online
  2. Login as a buyer, supplier or both
  3. Upload pictures and other information about your available stocks for sale
  4. Or for buyers, bid on stocks you are interested in purchasing

Buy and sell prices are sent directly to the SMX team and kept off the platform. From there, a team of experts will provide feedback on pricing to ensure buyers, suppliers and traders are able to trade stock as quickly as possible at the best prices.

Once the SMX team has successfully closed a deal, notifications will be sent via SMS or email. All this is completed at the click of a button, eliminating the need for a chain of e-mails and numerous meetings with buyers and suppliers.

SMX – A Game Changer in the Metal Recycling Industry


According to SMX CEO, Mathew John, the actual value of scrap commodity is determined by the current demand it has in a market. Higher demand means better product pricing. The demand for scrap commodity fluctuates dramatically over the course of a few hours. With the SMX online and mobile platform, buyers , suppliers and traders are easily able to keep abreast of these erratic market changes; giving them the opportunity to earn or save a significant amount of money for their products.

With its ability to quickly and efficiently connect buyers and suppliers globally, while maintaining client confidentiality, SMX is filling the gaps in the current scrap metal recycling industry.

The smartphone is changing the way we do business significantly. A recent survey showed that about 73% of business owners run their businesses through mobile apps. With the launch of the SMX online and mobile platform, buyers suppliers and traders in the scrap metal recycling industry can take advantage of these technological advancements to grow their businesses like never before.

The website and mobile application allows suppliers to upload pictures of their products, product volume, and quality, all while keeping their identity and pricing private. This level of confidentiality will change the landscape of the scrap metal industry, as it reduces personal prejudices within the market; providing all buyers, suppliers and traders with an equal opportunity to buy and sell commodity at the most competitive prices.

SMX eliminates the guesswork in identifying authentic businesses. Clients can rest assured that they will be interacting only with other legitimate business people on the platform. All buyers, suppliers and traders undergo a credibility assessment before gaining full access to the platform.

Not only does SMX offer convenience, it provides industry specific information and advice from experts in the business. Whatever you are experiencing as a business in the industry, our in-house experts have already experienced the same. Thus, they are in the ideal position to offer top quality guidance and advice to grow your business.

Start trading smart now, Trade on SMX today!