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We provide a convenient, easy to use platform for buyers, suppliers and traders in the scrap metal industry. With both web and mobile capabilities, our system allows clients to conduct their business on the go. Members are able to receive instant notifications regarding their business operations on their mobile phones.

SMX has a wide network of buyers and suppliers from around the world. With suppliers from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, South East Asia and other countries, buyers have the advantage of being able to source materials quickly and at competitive prices from suppliers all around the globe. Suppliers gain access to a large international market, making it easier for them to sell their products. Also, with the large influx of suppliers from around the world, we have developed an exceptionally large database of commodities, making it easier to meet a variety of clients’ needs.

Our dedicated team of industry experts is available to provide guidance to buyers, suppliers and traders as needed. They provide assistance with product pricing, price negotiation and all accounting needs. Our in-house team of precious metal refining experts offers services to suppliers looking to sell used catalytic converters and electronic waste.

Using the SMX platform reduces overheads for businesses. With our large network of buyers and suppliers around the world, the platform eliminates the need for sales and procurement managers. Through the click of a button, buyers have access to a large supply of commodities and suppliers have a large market for their products at their fingertips.

Our success depends on our clients success. Therefore, at SMX we make it a priority to reward buyer and supplier loyalty.